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Des tweets et des plus n°22 – Et ça sert à quoi ?

La vérité sur le chiffrage en Sociétés de Services en Logiciels Libres : “Nous aimons coder. Coder ne nous coûte pas car c’est notre plaisir. D’ailleurs, nous codons  gratuitement une bonne partie de notre temps (dans le cadre de nos contributions open sources). Le reste de notre travail, en revanche, nous coûte.”

Stop Using Story Points :  “Like researchers of fast food, we now know that the Agile Happy Meal contains unnatural ingredients that decrease agility and cause process indigestion.”

What’s my IT strategy? : “Take a company’s IT strategy […] Now remove XXX […] What is left, is the IT strategy”

Java feature applicatbility : “I group Java features in three categories: day to day, occasionally and never (frameworks and libraries only). The rule is simple: if you find yourself using given feature more often then suggested, you are probably over-engineering”

Des tweets et des plus n°21 – Good Cheap Fast, pick two

The Most Important Question : “Everything involves trade-offs, where benefits must be weighed against their associated costs. Evaluating those trade-offs and choosing according to the needs of the customer is a key responsibility of an architect.”

Learnable programming : “A programming system has two parts. The environment is installed in on the computer, and the language is installed in the programmer’s head.”

Some things I’ve learnt about programming: “When writing code it’s sometimes tempting to try stuff to see what works and get a program working without truly understanding what’s happening.”

Dear “API providers”: “I just want the data on your website in a machine readable format. XML, JSON, RDF, CSV, YAML, I don’t particularly give a fuck.”


Des tweets et des plus n°20 – The road to hell

 OAuth 2.0 and the Road to Hell: “At the core of the problem is the strong and unbridgeable conflict between the web and the enterprise worlds”

Journey Through The JavaScript MVC Jungle: I want a javascrit framework…

Agile France : Le combat des chefs : avec  Bougetépostix et Testotomatix… tout un programme.

Le changement, c’est (bientôt) maintenant: “nos organisations privées ou publiques, notamment tertiaires, sont orientées vers leur maintien, plus que vers le service à leurs usagers”

Des tweets et des plus n°19 – Why engineers are grumpy

The care and feeding of software engineers (or, why engineers are grumpy) : That’s really what drives software engineers more than anything else: the idea that people we don’t even know will be affected by our work.

Top 10 Things Every Software Engineer Should Know:

  • 1) Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
  • 2) Understand the Business of your Customer
  • 3) Minimum One Programming Language for each Mainstream Development Paradigm
  • 4) Know your Tools
  • 5) Standard Data Structures, Algorithms and Big-O-Notation
  • 6) Don’t Trust Code without Adequate Test
  • 7) Basics of Project Management, Lean Management and Agile Concepts
  • 8) Key Metrics of Software Development
  • 9) The Root Cause of the Last Defect
  • 10) Understand the Infrastructure
OrmHate: if you’re going to dump on something in the way many people do about ORMs, you have to state the alternative. What do you do instead of an ORM?
No DB: The database is just a detail that you don’t need to figure out right away.


Des tweets et des plus n°18 – Methods to find out what’s going on

Valve Handbook for new employees : hierarchy or codified divisions of labor […] We believe those structures inevitably begin to serve their own needs rather than those of  Valve’s customers

What Amazon’s ebook strategy means: By foolishly insisting on DRM, and then selling to Amazon on a wholesale basis, the publishers handed Amazon a monopoly on their customers—and thereby empowered a predatory monopsony.

Word, le fax du XXIe siècle: Je ne connais qu’une personne qui adore Word: mon fils de 4 ans. Il aime bien mettre le nom des lignes de métro dans la bonne couleur, ou écrire «automne» avec chaque lettre dans une teinte de feuille différente, ou sauter de la police Times New Roman à Comic Sans. Il adore aussi écrire sur ma vieille machine Smith-Corona. Les outils qui ont perdu de leur utilité font de remarquables joujoux.

Vive Soap: We have an employee whose last name is Null. He kills our employee lookup app when his last name is used as the search term.

Why is Estimating so Hard? It turns out that we don’t know the procedure. We haven’t got any clue to just how difficult the procedure is. We aren’t computers. We don’t follow procedures. And so comparing the complexity of the manual task, to the complexity of the procedure is invalid.