Des tweets et des plus n°19 – Why engineers are grumpy

The care and feeding of software engineers (or, why engineers are grumpy) : That’s really what drives software engineers more than anything else: the idea that people we don’t even know will be affected by our work.

Top 10 Things Every Software Engineer Should Know:

  • 1) Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
  • 2) Understand the Business of your Customer
  • 3) Minimum One Programming Language for each Mainstream Development Paradigm
  • 4) Know your Tools
  • 5) Standard Data Structures, Algorithms and Big-O-Notation
  • 6) Don’t Trust Code without Adequate Test
  • 7) Basics of Project Management, Lean Management and Agile Concepts
  • 8) Key Metrics of Software Development
  • 9) The Root Cause of the Last Defect
  • 10) Understand the Infrastructure
OrmHate: if you’re going to dump on something in the way many people do about ORMs, you have to state the alternative. What do you do instead of an ORM?
No DB: The database is just a detail that you don’t need to figure out right away.