Des tweets et des plus n°17 – Dark Ages of Developer

Avez-vous la culture agile ? Agile Timeline: 1976: publication of Software Reliability by Glenford Myers, which states as an “axiom” that “a developer should never test their own code” (Dark Ages of Developer Testing)

CAMARADES AGILISTES, “INDIGNEZ-VOUS !”: Quoi qu’en disent les SSII, l’agilité et le mode forfait sont immiscibles comme l’eau et l’huile !

PHP: a fractal of bad design: programming is a hilariously young discipline, and none of us have the slightest clue what we’re doing.

What Powers Instagram: 

  • Keep it very simple
  • Don’t re-invent the wheel
  • Go with proven and solid technologies when you can