Des tweets et des plus n°13 – Polyglot Persistence

Polyglot Persistence: using multiple data storage technologies, chosen based upon the way data is being used by individual applications. Why store binary images in relational database, when there are better  storage systems

Less Process, More Discipline :The key to agile methods is this: You may have less process, but you must have more discipline.

Service Oriented Agony: Unfortunately this is a huge violation of the Single Responsibility Principle — or its big brother the Common Closure Principle. These principles tell us to group together things that change together, and keep apart things that change for different reasons.

How to Create Maintainable Acceptance Tests: Prefer to test your application via the service layer or at worst the servlet layer; only test on the UI level if you really have to and only as little as possible for UI is much more brittle (and also difficult to test)
The more you want to test the more you have to pay for it in the terms of maintenance effort. Usually you decide so that you cover the part(s) of the application where the most risk is – the best thing is to do cost-benefit evaluation.