Des tweets et des plus n°11 – Geeks win

Shame driven development:  it was throwaway, one-use code so didn’t have any unit tests. I was embarrassed. […] the only way to go fast, is to go well

Cleaning a kitchen is a good metaphor for Refactoring: Neither would a cook accept that I go into his kitchen and say: I want my steak half the price, can’t you not clean the kitchen today? In the software world we let people tell us, do it quick and dirty, you can clean up after, when we have the time.

How netflix get out of the way: Who has junior engineers, graduate hires and interns writing code? We don’t. We find that engineers who cost twice as much are far more than twice as productive, and need much less management overhead

CQRS:  est un modèle d’architecture système qui sépare la partie lecture de données (query) de celle qui les modifie (command) de manière à produire un système extensible, distribuable, et fournir quelques avancées utiles qui rendent la maintenance du système moins pesante.