Web2.0 expo Berlin: The impact of mobile Web2.0 on the telecom industry

Great talk by Ajit Jaokar remind me of the paper by Pierre Bellanger: le réseau social: avenir des télécoms

Le synopsis de la conference par le speaker lui-même, les slides

My notes:

Social networks and mobile
What apple and google are doing

Media, Telecom & Internet
It is like tectonic plates, they are comming/clashing together

What Apple is doing?
With the Iphone Apple is making the mobile market pie bigger and they ask the operator do you want a share?

What Google is doing?

Google wants to create a whole new user experience for the user (voir mon billet sur le Gphone)
If the customer is the king the meta-data is King Kong!
=> capture the meta data is key (remind me of the talk on the web of data)

All application are going to be social

Power is moving away from the old elite

The telecom industry does the Ostrich (autruche!)
The youth are talking but they are not necessarily mobile
The youth are reading books but not any books they are reading Facebook !!
Its all about new connection and relashionship
I facebook your mom!!!

It’s getting better or worse depending on your point of view

Everybody wants to get in bed with the customer
The point of contact is the social network

The place of operator in the value chain
DIStributor role are DISintermediated
We don’t need them anymore
The web aggregator replace the distributor/operator

The changing nature of the telecom industry
Web growth is proven
Mobile Web growth is not
Can web2.0 help?

Telecom VS Internet

From Telecom

  • 99% reliability
  • 18 month lead time
  • silo mentality
  • Interoperability not a priority
  • Data apps low priority

To the Internet

  • No unpipe ???
  • Social networks connecting people VS the media industriy
  • Iterative development, converged development
  • Network itself is becoming more important
  • New services without to changes the network
  • Complex but longe tail services VS exisitng simple services with mass demand

Going from specific apps to leveraving assests
• location
• data mining, customer history

Use the web as a platform harness collective intelligence build a database with your user.

Mobile Web2.0 must be define in the context of web2.0

Intelligence can be capture from mobile

Mobile Web2.0 != packaged content (ringtones)

A Harnessing collective intelligence
B The web backbone but not necessarily web protocols end to end
C The PC selcting and configuring service

context + content => share it
Take a picture with your mobile, suggest tag using social network and upload it on flickr
Telecom italia is doing their labs

Ajit ask if there is anyone from Orange in the room… Nobody!
The network is becoming less important
the applications are more important