Web2.0 expo Berlin: short on cycle long on storage

Dernière conférence de la journée pour moi, et de loin la meilleure.

Simon Wardley nous a fait une présentation dans le style de Dick Hardt Identity 2.0, 450 slides en 45 minutes, tout simplement impossible à live blogger. Voici mes notes mais il faut vraiment voir et entendre la présentation. Simon devrait la mettre en ligne.

C’est fait elle est en ligne ici. Je ne sais pas ce que ça donne sans le présentateur, mais prenez 45minutes pour regarder.

My notes :
jazzy title go get people attention In reality it’s about commodization

70% of our time on the heavy lifting (like amazon says)
No utility service in the software industrie

yesterday hot stuff is today boredom

1890 electricity was hot stuff
replace expensive labour with machine
1930 national electricity grid => utility service

Schumpeter creative destruction

new => competivive
common => cost
There is natural pressure to move from new to common
There is forces holding back

  • patents
  • Branding
  • pricing strategy

SaaS is utility computing


user cares only about data not application not framework not hardware
We should really call Software as a service Application as a service but the acronym is ugly

Aaas 😉

It’s cheaper

What if there is a problem with the service
You want to be able to shift provider

We need a competitive utility market

Ovf open virtual machine format XEN

New = Innovation
From Idea to innovation
First try at an idea
Ideas come from gods

well not realy

Ideas come from invention and discovery


1 not a straight line
2 not only physical thing
3 not everything spread
4 acceleration
5 reduction in cost
6 methodology
7 friend and foes

Innovation: dynamic agile
common: static traditional


Xaas will grow rapidly with open source standard
It will increase the rate of innovation
More disruption in the informaiton dependant market
This will lead to organisational changes


The public is bigger than google !

Web2.0 is a realy bad name, Why?

Think “Web4.0 service pack 6a”
Before naming it web2.0, Tim O’reilly was talking about : Infoware
“the outcomes of the meeting of open source and the web”

Not catchy enough for a conference.

Web2.0 is living in a world where the public has more power than you.