Web2.0 expo Berlin: opening the social graph

Many social networks exist (linkedin, facebook, flikr, dopplr, …)
Each have a few great features

People are tired of filling in they friends everytime.

You can combine their value value with Mash-up.

Get rid if the user lockin
social apps needs your friends

Social platform

  • facebook
  • open social
  • netvibes uwa

Shouln’t be about political battle (facebook VS open social)
Remember IM messaging war
=> jabber/XMPP everyone can use it

Identity Silos
=> OpenID

Hosts files don’t scale
=> DNS open and decentralized
DNS scales

Email smtp
I can run my own email server (decentralized)

We start in a centralized world
=> easier to control

Social Networks today are centralized.
History show that technology moves to decentralization

Decentralization it’s harder but we always get there

Open data is increasingly important as services move online

Proprietary platform on the web are ice cube => they will melt in the web

The social graph is user generated content

Privacy is hard in a decentralized wolrd but possible

Your valet key for the web
Instead of giving your password to a web site like facebook to all your google account, you just give them a password to your contacts

openID to login
openID says who and describe where to find services and data
OAuth keeps me in control

How can we make this happen ?
– markup and share data
– allow to import/export data

XFN format

We have the tools

Les slides sont sur slideshare