Web2.0 expo Berlin: Killing the organisational chart

Mes notes en quasi direct. Je mets mes propres réflexions en italique.

Most people in the room are freelance or small compagnie, very few from big compagnies
Self organisation moves the world, it is the way life works.

But hierachy controls the entreprises
Hierachy kills

  • creativity (what if AT&T had try to build something like the internet) nous on sait France Telecom avait fait le minitel
  • agility
  • motivation

Networks drive changes

  • more complexity
  • accelerating dynamic
  • stronger values

How to go there?
First get rids of departements
Second transparency => create truts

Process & structure VS collective awareness

Simple meeting in a room
start with everyone saying what is important to them
end with a direct feedback what was good what was bad

tools to stay connected: twitter blog

Reality check on entreprise2.0 in germany
it’s not only about techno
3/4 of decision maker in knowledge worker industriedon’t know what web2.0 is
1/4 of those who know don’t think it is irrevelant
1/3 don’t use web2.0 tools

90% believe requirement for collaboration & KM tool increase
and feel they are not supported enough by the tools

Web2.0 tools are used by individuals


  • benefit unclear
  • security risks
  • lack of control over content
  • lack of openness of employee
  • technical complexity
  • lack of openness of management

But they know web2.0 tools will become part of everyday life in the enterprise

Web2.0 need more integration

We need web2.0 tools and practices to improve innovation potential

Comments from the room:

Don’t just give the tools like blog to participate but also listen to the blog and do something with it, react.

In a workshop, form pair of people who don’t know each other, ask one of them to listen to other for 10 minutes about what it does in the company, what is important to him, do the reverse. Ask them to write down what they learnt on a paper board or the forum.
Next to me Martin Kosser did some live blogging too, much more detailled than my report, check it out