Des tweets et des plus n°6 – Dennis Ritchie

Mon premier vrai livre de programmation !

Simple isn’t it? the general population has talked so much about Steve Jobs’ death and comparatively so little about Dennis Ritchie’s: Steve’s influence was at a layer that most people could see, while Dennis’ was much deeper

The O/R Impedance Mismatch: Why does this impedance mismatch exist?  The object-oriented paradigm is based on proven software engineering principles.   The relational paradigm, however, is based on proven mathematical principles.  Because the underlying paradigms are different the two technologies do not work together seamlessly.  The impedance mismatch becomes apparent when you look at the preferred approach to access: With the object paradigm you traverse objects via their relationships whereas with the relational paradigm you join the data rows of tables.  This fundamental difference results in a non-ideal combination of object and relational technologies, although when have you ever used two different things together without a few hitches?

Events as storage mechanism :  All events should be represented as verbs in the pas t tense such as CustomerRelocated, CargoShipped, or InventoryLossageRecorded. For those who speak French, it should be in Passé Composé, they are things that have completed in the past.

Un bon email est un email détruit: si après avoir lu et traité un email vous devez le garder, pire l’archiver, c’est suspect! Un email doit pouvoir être détruit