Des tweets et des plus n°3 – Pink Sombrero

Cowboy coding and the pink sombre: Si vous codez comme un cowboy directement sur le prod vous devez porter le sombrero rose

The best solution to any programming issue:  faire un billet sur un forum de développeur avec un pseudo de fille

PLANIFIERIFIER: planifier et vérifier? Joli néologisme sans doute involontaire dans la nomenclature des métiers du systè me d’information des grandes entreprise par le cigref

The Entire Facebook Terms of Service in Bro Speak : Good news! Everything you put on Facebook is yours.[…] You have complete control over your own shit in the settings. Uh, except for a few things For things covered by intellectual property law, (which is, I mean, just minor shit like your pictures and videos; whatever, amirite?) you grant us license to use it literally however the fuck we want for as long as it’s up. Seriously, we can blow up your pictures and Photoshop in sombreros and dicks and then put them up on billboards in Asia if we want. Also, we can let our friends use your shit however they want […] LEGALLY WE’RE REQUIRED TO YELL THIS PART BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING IMPORTANT […]We’re all about one big human family and all that bullshit, but we also try to respect the rules wherever you live …