2 thoughts on “Numéros de version

  1. eClaire

    Je ne peux pas accéder à l’adresse clé: Unexpected Exception 🙁 tu as une solution où une autre source?

    merci d’avance 🙂

  2. Aurélien Pelletier Post author

    jroller.com semble avoir quelles difficultés… Mais c’est passé après quelques reload. voici ce qu’il écrit:

    A while back, we settled on a release numbering system based on a simple set of rules:

    * A “dot-zero” release (like 3.0) is allowed to drop deprecated APIs, change an API in a manner that could break binary compatibility, or change the JDK version requirement.

    * A “dot-X” release (like 3.1) is only allowed to add features and APIs, but should not break any binary compatibility.

    * A “dot-X-dot-Y” release (like 3.0.1) is a service pack, designed to correct specific problems, and not to introduce new features.

    Over time we’ve found that this system works extraordinarily well because of its simplicity, although it’s not going to get us to version 10.0 anytime soon. (At least I hope not, as that would mean that we were breaking compatibility too often!)

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