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Best text editor for windows

Every coder need to master a good textEditor to be productive. If you’re not a vi or emacs fan you probably use Texpad or Ultraedit.
I use to be a Textpad guy. But I’ve just stumble upon pspad  and I’m not going back.
Probably as good as Textpad and Ultraedit together and best of all it’s a freeware!!

Rest architecture

I see more and more blogs using the word REST which stand for Representational State Transfer, but what the heck does this means??
Did my googling and found that the REST architecture was first described in this paper a very good read indeed.
Here is what I’ve learnt from it. If you consider the World Wide Web as one huge distributed application, REST is the architecture for this application.
WWW being such a successful distributed application it is very interesting to put a layer of abstraction on its architecture. This enables us to extract the main properties of the World Wide Web architecture and understand why it is so good.
First the WWW protocols are mostly stateless => which is good for scalability
WWW resources are cacheable => performance
WWW resources are available through one generic interface => better interoperability and ease of extension.
WWW has a layered architecture => decoupling of components, ease of maintenance and evolution

Examples of REST API include:

Three very successful services.

Lucene power 10

Looking for a search engine to integrate into your application? Lucene is a good choice of course, but you still have a lot to do if you want your end user to play with it: UI, file selection…

SearchBlox (via TheServerSide) is the solution. I just gave it a try, and I must say I’m impress. In less than 10 min I’ve got my personnal desktop search engine running!

Here are the main feature:
– use lucene as the search engine
– can index and search HTML, Word, PDF, ppt, xls
– comes as a war file and is deployable on any Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2 container
– free if you index less than 1000 files

Books to read

Someone starting with J2EE ask me which were the books to read on the subject.
I’m sharing the answer with you. This is my list of must read book for J2EE developer

Best book to start with is definitely “Thinking in java” from Bruce Eckel. In this book you’ll find:
– A good introduction to object oriented programming
– How to use the most important java API
– Not only “how” but also “why” you should use them this way (most book fail on this part but Bruce Eckel is brilliant on the subject)

Java or not you can’t do Object Oriented programming if you don’t know the “Design Pattern” from the Gof. Everyone make references to “Design pattern”. You have to read it. Warning, this not an easy read. I try to read it again every year. With experience you get a better understanding of all those important patterns.
If you like design pattern (and you should) you can go on with “Core J2EE pattern” and “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” From Martin Fowler.

Can’t recommend this book to beginners but if you have some experience with the java platform this is a must read: Rod Johnson “Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development”. I’ve been working with java for 5 years, this book synthesize most (and much more) of the things I have learnt during these years. I haven’t read his last book yet but I guess it’s also a gold mine. (“Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB”)

Read these books and you’ll know why Martin Fowler, Bruce Eckel and Rod Johnson are call “guru”.
I could go on with more books to read but “Thinking in java”, “Design pattern” and “Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development” are my top 3. Got other books you feel are must read too? Let me know in the comments.