Monthly Archives: September 2004

Strus and JSF future from the source

Via bistro Craig McClanahan (Struts’s creator and co-specification lead for JSF) is blogging !! We now have a point of view on Struts and JSF from the source. Goog read to know how Struts and JSF overlap in the presentation tiers of web application. But nothing surprising in this post: Craig says Strust and JSF are fully compatible and encourage anyone to use either of them or both… But can he be objective?? Lots of people in the blogosphere are dumping Struts in favor of WebWork or Spring and I read more bad opinion about JSF than good ones. Today a J2EE developper must have Struts on his resume, tomorrow will he need JSF or Spring?

Nouveau blog

Je viens d’ouvrir un nouveau blog… J’ai été séduit par la facilité d’installation de dotclear. Ce nouveau blog devrait parler de mes sujets de prédilection: web, p2p, TIC société de l’information…
Mon blog sur application-servers reste ouvert mais ne devrait plus contenir que des posts relatifs à l’architecture des applications web et à java, see you soon !!